Feiyue X Poppy Delevingne

From fan to designer. We have teamed up with model and actress, Poppy Delevingne to show her take on one of her favorite shoes, our original Feiyue Fe Lo Classic style. Feiyue X Poppy adds the perfect touch of glitter and cheetah print to our signature chevron stripes. Her keen sense of fashion and the comfort of Feiyue made this the ideal collaboration for fashionistas all over the world. This limited-edition collection is sure to leave a sparkle everywhere you go.



The Flying Pig Sneaker is the brainchild of three brands – Mala Project, Feiyue, Hickies. It is a nod to the 2019 Year of the Pig. Inspired by 90s China pop culture, The Flying Pig Sneaker delivers a sense of nostalgia, while combining with Feiyue’s brand DNA, “flying forward,” honoring the desire to take the next step in your personal journey.


The Outsider

For this new campaign, Feiyue meets alternative communities and personalities in their own environment such as house, studio and workshop. Let's meet Feiyue fans in their real lifestyle!



Feiyue is pairing with Solid & Striped this spring to bring a collection inspired by elegance, simplicity, and classic essentials. The partnership created a timelessly chic shoe, one that will carry through in seasons to come.



The Rise Campaign is designed to illustrate the power of exploration and freedom. Each one of these aspects of the human experience contains within them a remarkable influence we have all felt at one point in our lives.



Feiyue is teaming up with the beloved Peanuts gang. This exciting collaboration merges two iconic brands for the ultimate collection.


Flying Forward

Feiyue is teaming up with top models, bloggers and fashion influencers to create the ultimate travel guide for summer. The Feiyue Travel Guide will offer a glimpse into the lives of Jess Hart, Alexandra Richards, Christina Caradona of and more. Throughout the summer, a different influencer will take over @FeiyueShoes Instagram account to promote their travel guide and show their followers how they "Fly Forward".


Heritage Campaign

The spring campaign was inspired by the movement and creativity the Feiyue brand exudes. Taking the history of the 1920's martial art brand and combining the chic French style, the campaign is a clean visual of what it means to "Fly Forward."



Feiyue reveals its new collection for the upcoming Fall/Winter season. The much-anticipated Origine 1920 range is a tribute to Feiyue's origins, celebrating the past and the revival of the brand around its unique DNA. The line includes five different models (Fe Lo, Fe Lo II, Fe Hi, Delta Mid and A.S. High) available in either black or white. These styles feature a washed canvas upper, used sole and faded chevron, for a recognizable vintage look.



Feiyue and Vice Magazine revisit a gaming icon by fully dismentling and redecorating 2 vintage pinball machines. The Warewolf and the Star troopers, both themes explored by Feiyue in its previous Video campaigns are used to remaster the pinballs. A series of 4 Events organized in Paris's traditional bars & Pubs has gathered hundreds organized in Teams via the Event's Facebook page.



After Asia and Europe, Feiyue had cravings road trip to the United States. It was time to head to the West Coast. For the 4th chapter of his journey, Feiyue has left to conquer Los Angeles.



Far from the Asian land, which it was born, Feiyue escaped to Sweden this winter. Final step in this long journey, after the heart of the California desert last season.



Back in the 80s, Andre Christopher Ardiaca, a big rock fan and filmmaker, decided to follow hard rock hit band Black Death for a year. Willing to produce a tribute to the most important band of his generation, he finally ended being a privileged witness of the incredible tragedy the group was part of. Paul Anton, the band's famous drummer was the first one to go, dying suddenly during a concert at Earls Court.



Feiyue enters Korea and gathers its friends in its vibrant and creative capital: Seoul. We were blessed by the attendance of some of the countries most influential artists.



Capturing the ethereal nature of progress. Feiyue's latest visuals explore the reality of today's Asian lifestyle. Where futuristic design structures meet ancient forests; mythology merges with science. Hong Kong is the epitome of this movement. The blend of new and old is personified through the fresh innocence of the modern girl and her relationship with the ancestral ghost as they progress through an ever shifting landscape.



For the realization of its viral Video, "The Flying Project" Feiyue has given carte blanche to two members of "Span-Kidz ', an artistic collective bringing together filmmakers and graphic designers. Young directors Julien Vray and Srinath C. Samarasinghe highlighted the very definition of the name FEIYUE: Flying Forward synonymous with "fly and go through."



At Feiyue, we draw inspiration from every corner of the globe and it's this inspiration that influences everything we do, from our new collections and collaborations, right through to our advertising campaigns.



To celebrate their launch in Asia, Feiyue has invited seven Asiabased artists to create mobile art installations inspired by the shoes. Participating artists include shoe customizers SBTG and Hypethetic, interactive design studio Arcade, creative agency Assembly, graphic artist Mojoko, and illustrators Mindflyer and Zxerokool.



"Shapes" translates to silhouettes, silhouettes floating around a dream-like universe crafted by a very talented duo. From visiting the worlds biggest cities to observing different urban tribes, Feiyue expresses its loves for travelling through its campaigns. A passion Feiyue wants to share with its customers by making them discover new horizons.



High Needs Low fourth edition proudly welcomes HOLGER ZILSKE (Playhouse, Leena, Battle) for a dynamic and emotional live act performance. Gifted both as a producer than as a DJ, Holger is well known in the electronic scene under the alias of SMASH TV (B-pitch Control).