High Needs Low

High Needs Low fourth edition proudly welcomes HOLGER ZILSKE (Playhouse, Leena, Battle) for a dynamic and emotional live act performance. Gifted both as a producer than as a DJ, Holger is well known in the electronic scene under the alias of SMASH TV (B-pitch Control). His debut album "Holz" released on playhouse few months ago was described as an unquestionable brilliant success by the world famous website Resident Advisor and the musical press.

DAVE DK (Playhouse) former resident of the legendary Tresor club and Panorama Bar in Berlin will be following for a perfectly balanced DJ set. He's been highly present in electronic scene since almost 15 years. He produced two albums, the latest one "lights and colours" was released by the end of 2007 on the record label Mood Music. His first mixed compilation will be released by the beginning of this year. He's now working on the record label Playhouse alongside with Holger Ziske.

One of Brussels' finest deejays DANCEMACHINE, well known in Belgium and beyond for her fancy footwork and energetic DJ sets, will confirm once again her legitimate residency by welcoming the audience in this musical journey. At the very crossing where emotions and rhythm meet, JENY COX (Lift Your Head Up) will sensitively fulfill the most demanding audience's expectations until early dusk.

As an integral part of each High Needs Low edition, the team will be delivering a unique and clever setting. Luz Diaz, le Gentleman, Walden & DanceMachine, will be in charge of the scenography, orchestrating the surrounding from your first steps inside to the very last beverage drop delivered at the bar.

Let the winter behind and smile.

Let's Begin